Gabriel Knight... there are destinies we cannot avoid


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Gabriel Knight, Schattenjäger

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Day.. 50? 60?

It is eternal night.


   It's dark. I can feel the terrible desire to rise up from the darkness, but it presses upon me, and I can't breathe. Where am I? Who am I? I hardly know... and then dimly, I begin to perceive. I am in the half-land, the shadow-land.

  I, who am the outer shell of a Schattenjäger, a Shadow-Hunter, I am MYSELF a shadow, a "poor player" who hasn't even got around to the strutting and fretting bit yet. (Sorry, Shakespeare, for borrowing your line. It was just such a good one. Surprised I know it? I do own a bookshop, you know...)

  I exist only faintly... in potentia...

  Oh God! Help me! Bring me to life!

  I exist in your minds, your hearts, your dreams. I exist in the imagination of Jane Jensen, my - I suppose she's my mother. I exist in the breath of those who speak of me; I am in your night-thoughts when you sleep. Let me live! Let me LIVE! I am... Gabriel Knight 4."


There is darkness brooding inside Gabe Knight. If you've experienced the first three games in the series - GK1, Sins of the Father; GK2, The Beast Within; GK3, Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned - you've suffered with Gabe as he learned of his incredible family history and the truth of what he is. You've joined him in his struggles, fought and overcome, fought and failed, for failure as well as triumph is part of all our destinies.
This richly plotted and stunningly characterised game series, together with the novelisation by game creator, Jane Jensen, is not finished. It aches, it SCREAMS for completion.
Long-time fans, new fans, all who want to see this series completed... JOIN US in our own struggle against the only force that could kill Gabe Knight forever...




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